Closing Thoughts Gifts was created in Huntsville, AL in 2003 after talking with a friend of mine from Kansas City, MO.  She had been selling personalized pottery as closing gifts to realtors for over 20 years and had been very successful with the business.  She suggested to me to start such a business in Huntsville; and, after researching the market and talking to local realtors to see if there was anything else like it here, I then decided to go ahead and take the chance.  I just wish I had started this business 20 years ago as it has been so much fun and there is definitely a need for such unique I finally found what I wanted to do when I grew up.  Everything I sell is personalized, either engraved or hand painted with a person's name, initials, address, business, etc.  Closing Thoughts has since expanded into corporate, wedding, and any kind of special occasion gifts....and each gift comes beautifully wrapped and delivered. 


I have come a long way since 2003 in sales growth, expansion, and loving my business.  I can't sell anything that I don't love or would use myself; and, hopefully, you will agree.  Service is key and making my clients happy is #1 in running a successful business.  Please give me a call or send me an e-mail and I know you will not be disappointed.  At the same time, you will be giving a gift that will always be appreciated as your client will know you put some thought into it by personalizing it just for them.


God bless....and hope to hear from you soon!


Karen Garrett